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JYP Entertainment Denies TWICE Rumoured Comeback Date

Rejoice ONCEs around the world! The wait is over as TWICE will be back with their new Korean album soon!

South Korea’s hottest girl group, TWICE, is preparing for their latest album and multiple sources are able to confirm the news. Industry representatives have also reported that the girl group is preparing for a comeback and they are aiming to return to the stage in April, 2018.


However, there are rumours going around saying that TWICE will make their official comeback on April 9th which got fans all hyped up and prepared to purchase their album.

But the rumoured date is inaccurate as TWICE’s agency, JYP Entertainment deny the rumours and said:

“We’re still figuring out TWICE’s comeback schedule. Once we’ve confirmed their comeback date, we’ll make an official statement.”

Back in February 26th, exclusive reports from OSEN confirmed that TWICE will be making their comeback in spring which is approximately in April. TWICE’s agency, JYP Entertainment also confirmed the news and said:

“TWICE is preparing to make a comeback in Korea. They are in preparation with the month of April in mind but the exact date is not yet confirmed.”

Image via SBS

They also said that the girls in TWICE are working very hard to show their diverse colours and charms through their first album of the year. They hope to show different sides of TWICE to the fans.

If the comeback is confirmed to be happening somewhere in April, this will be TWICE’s first release in four months after their repackaged album “Merry & Happy” in December 2017.

Let’s just wait for the official announcement on TWICE’s come back date. Hopefully JYP Entertainment will not let us wait too long. 

Although the rumoured date is not the right one and it makes us ‘TT’, at least TWICE’s comeback has been confirmed and it will definitely ‘Cheer Up’ our moods. ONCEs ‘Likey’ TWICE! 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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