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Kayda Aziz Insists She Doesn’t Use Parents’ Names to Achieve Success

Hip-hop singer Kayda Aziz is a rising star in her genre, and despite being the daughter of icons in the music industry, she does not “ride on their fame”.

The 27-year-old whose real name is Wan Nur Khaleda Roslan said her parents, singer Datuk Sheila Majid and music producer Roslan Aziz, had always encouraged her to achieve success on her own merit.

“That’s exactly what I want to be. After all, I’ve carved out my own path in hip-hop and even used my own money to come up with singles and albums,” she said in a news report today.

Kayda also said achieving stardom by virtue of being related to established singers and musicians was no guarantee of success, because music lovers would always “compare us with them”.

“Fans value your own effort and originality and that’s what I’ve set out to do.

“I am determined to excel in hip-hop music as a singer, songwriter and composer, and it’s only through my own hard work that I can inspire others.”

Kayda, who has been singing professionally for six years, is a psychology graduate, and her best known songs are Down With Me and Go Hard Or Gostan, a collaboration with hip-hop singer Hani Hatim or Hunny Madu.

When asked about her future plans, Kayda said she wanted to perform more Bahasa Malaysia songs and collaborate with chart-topping singers and songwriters.

Source: NST

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