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Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo are Confirmed to Be Dating!

Another power couple has been born in Korea.

There are many celebrities who confirmed their relationships throughout the first half of 2018. This year seems to be a lucky year for relationships.

Love is in the air!

According to Allkpop, Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo are confirmed to be dating each other after they were spotted on a date in public.

Hence, to prevent any false rumours spreading around, both agencies confirmed the news by releasing official statements. 

Kim Bum’s agency, Starship Entertainment, explained that both of them met through a gathering of close mutual friends and naturally became a couple.

They added:

“They are in the beginning stages of their relationship.”

Then, Yeon Seo’s agency, Cell Trion Entertainment, commented:

“It’s true that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum are dating. They got to know each other through gatherings with various acquaintances. Oh Yeon Seo began her relationship with Kim Bum shortly after the end of her drama tvN’s ‘Hwayugi’, earlier this month.

“Please watch over them warmly, as they have recently started their relationship.”

According to sources, Kim Bum and Yeon Seo became close after meeting each other at a gathering as they found it easy to talk to each other. Their growing friendship reportedly progressed to a romantic relationship soon after they met due to a mutual interest in each other.

Both of them are well known celebrities as they have acted in many remarkable dramas and movies. Kim Bum rose to fame after his role in Boys Over Flowers and he even acted in many Chinese dramas and movies too.

Image via asianstar.nz

As for Yeon Seo, she is a prominent actress and singer. She debuted as a singer in 2002 as a member of girl group named LUV.

Then, she switched to acting and has been pursuing an acting career. She starred in several films and dramas and is best known for her roles in dramas such as Please Come Back, Mister, My Sassy Girl, and A Korean Odyssey.

Image via Soompi

Both of them are definitely a match made in heaven as they are the visual power couple due to their perfect and flawless features, and also their talented acting skills!

Congratulations once again to this lovely couple!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee 

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