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Lee El was Once So Broke, She Could Only Afford a Cup of Tea

Many of you will know Lee El as the Goddess of Birth and Fate in the hit drama Goblin and recently as a demon in Hwayugi. Indeed, her iconic face is one which many people can recognise now.

Who would have known though that she was once so broke to even afford food!

The 35-year-old first debuted into the acting scene in 2009. Many people would have thought someone would shoot to the stars but that was unfortunately not the case for El.

In an interview with Section TV, El explained that her career just wasn’t taking off, Koreaboo wrote.

“I debuted through the drama Good Job, Good Job in 2009. But after that, I kept failing my auditions. I started wondering if it was because of my appearance, so I even went to a plastic surgeon’s office.

“It was the hardest when I saw my friends grow and succeed. I had many financial problems.

“After I bought a subway ticket, all I had left was 400 won (RM1.46). I was so hungry, I bought a cup of adlay tea from a vending machine.

“It was so delicious.”

However, she persevered through these obstacles and now, she has achieved success by starring in a movie alongside famous celebrities like Song Jihyo.

The movie is called What a Man Wants which was released on April 5th, 2018.

Check out El’s interview here:

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