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Looking For The Tips To Buy A House? Catch This New TV Series ‘Misi Rumah Impian’ On TV3

Are you looking for the ultimate 101 guide to buy a house? We’ve got the right answer for you!

Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld Malaysia) in partnership with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) will produce its first TV programme, aiming to help millenials in purchasing their dream house. 

Misi Rumah Impian, a short drama series charts the journey of Malaysian’s sweetheart couple, Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari in a misson to find their dream home with Ecoworld, as well as sharing their personal experience along the way. 

The drama will educate viewers on various aspects of home ownership such as good location, surroundings, neighbourhood, home’s accessibility and availability, public amenities, security, home design and functionality. 

Apart from that, viewers also get to learn the ultimate 101 tips on how to manage the financial matters of home ownership like joint mortgages and bills, style and decor tips and other great ideas on making your first house a dream comes true. 

MPTN’s director, sales and strategy Nini Yusof, added that the partnership is timely as young people, especially MPTN audiences looking to enter into the property market:

At MPTN, we understand our audiences’ behavior, lifestyle and preference well, and we are pleased with EcoWorld’s trust in us to deliver this programme. Purchasing a home is a unique and deeply personal experience for our young audiences.

Nini Yusof, Director of Sales And Strategy MPTN

The 4-episode 10-minute drama will be aired on TV3, every Wednesday and Thursday, starting from 27 November 2019 at 9:50 pm. 

Don’t forget to catch the show on TV3MALAYSIA OFFICIAL.

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