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Their voices, more specifically Adam Levine’s, totally gave it away. Adam, James Valentine and Jimmy Fallon probably could have gotten away with it if it weren’t for Adam’s distinctively high pitched voice.

Image via ANITH

Daily subway commute can be pretty dull. I mean, just try to picture our daily LRT commute right here in Malaysia. Not to mention how tiring, sweaty and smelly the whole experience can be! *SIGH*

But the presence of buskers certainly bring in a bit of a lightheartedness in our daily tiring and boring train commute.

Following the footsteps of Miley Cyrus who also sang in disguise as part of the hits The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon back in June, Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine, and lead guitarist, James Valentine tagged along with Jimmy Fallon to busk in the bustling NY subway while trying to hide their pop star identities.

Can you guess who is who? | Image via the Daily Mail UK

Image via Parade

The trio started busking with the Voice judge by singing Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

Dressed like total hipsters, no one was able to tell that they were the celebrities themselves. But, Adam’s voice was certainly drawing commuters in.

Many passersby stopped to whip out their phone and record the epic performance. There are hundreds of impersonations of Adam Levine, but no one can out-sing him! NO ONE!

The subway crowd were surely entertained and delighted by the impromptu concert with many singing along to the serenade as well.

Towards the end of their song, Jimmy revealed their hidden identities by pulling off his fake beard and wig to the crowd. The moment they realised that these ‘hipsters’ where actually A-List stars, they went wild and crazy knowing.

Well, who wouldn’t be wowed away by these superstars?

Image via the Daily Mail UK

The trio concluded their performance by singing Maroon 5’s hit song, “Sugar”, to which fans and passersby couldn’t help but sing along to.

Hey, maybe we can have the same here in KL?! *wink wink*

Watch their viral disguised busking performance here:


Here’s another GIF of Adam just because we couldn’t resist. Who wouldn’t want to see this sexy man be all cutesy?

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