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Pro Gamer Breaks Up with World’s Sexiest Weather Girl for Call of Duty

It’s not everyday you get to date the sexiest weather girl in the world but this professional Call of Duty player prefers to concentrate on the game rather than the girl.

Doug “Censor” Martin is a proud member of the famous gaming group FaZe Clan. The 23-year-old was dating world’s sexiest weather girl, Yanet Garcia, up until recently.

Their reason for breaking up after more than 3 years together; Doug wants to concentrate on his career instead of having a relationship.

Perhaps the statement itself sounds too black and white but understandably, the two broke up amicably. In an Instagram post, Doug explained that they were going separate ways in life anyways.

“I never thought I’d write a break-up post but I feel like because of all the things we went through that I should.

“This girl is such an amazing, genuine person. The memories we had, for the good and the bad, will always be some of the best moments of my life.

“I know a lot of people think I’m crazy but I feel like we’re going down two different paths and as hard as it is, it’s time to move on.

“I hope you guys can support this decision and continue supporting her as well.”

Meanwhile, Yanet tweeted,

“Heartbroken ??”

Of course, being the sexy woman that she is, men are extremely happy over the announcement. Many replied to her tweet with memes about asking to get together.

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