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SEVENTEEN’s Concert in Malaysia Was…Amazing?

K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN made a stop in Kuala Lumpur on their IDEAL CUT Asia Tour.

This isn’t the first time the 13-member group came over here. Last year, they graced Stadium Negara with their charming presence.

This year’s event took place in the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre which is a first for any kind of Korean music event.

xtra interviewed an avid K-pop concert-goer for her opinion on SEVENTEEN’s concert this time round.

Miss J, 24, has gone to all sorts of K-pop related events in Kuala Lumpur. She’s attended all K-Wave Festivals, Wanna One’s concert, Super Junior’s multiple Supershows, and even One Republic’s concert.

From her experience, she shared her opinion on everything that took place.

She said,

“This isn’t a good location. I prefer a stadium because fans can come nearer to the stage.

“The queue before entering the venue was bad. Because the queue after the security check was so long, they had to pause the security check until the crowd started entering the venue.

“Only after the entire first batch had entered the hall did they continue the security check which made the later batches enter late.”

However, one thing which would make anyone in the queue angry was when security guards allowed certain people to pass through faster after friends at the front asked them to let them in first.

View from Category 2

Besides that, the stage was extremely small and those in the back are stretched out very far away. They couldn’t see what was happening at all!

“My friend who was seated in Category 4 complained about the stage. It was too far and the LCD screen was too small.

“They (the organisers) could have placed another screen in the middle like how they do it in KLCC Plenary Hall.”

“The sound system is not as nice as Axiata Arena’s. The bass was too strong and the microphones should be louder. We couldn’t really hear them sing.”

“The stage lights kept shining directly at the crowd too making us unable to look at the stage a lot”

Miss J bought tickets to the Rock Zone which she noted wasn’t as packed as she expected, so it was fun because she could manoeuvre between the main stage and extended stage a lot.

“I love the performances especially the part where they sat down and just talked to the fans. This is really rare in concerts in Malaysia.

“I love their energy, vibe, and unity. The moving stage was nice as well! They used it lots and I love it.

“I’m also glad that the Chinese members spoke to the crowd in Mandarin while the American members spoke in English.”

All in all, Miss J thoroughly enjoyed SEVENTEEN’s performances. Did you enjoy the night?

If you missed out on this round’s concert, you better prep yourself to buy those tickets next time!

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