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Shopping Just Became a Carnival at Karnival Bling Bling Raya 2019 Kuala Lumpur

Shopping in its own is a pretty fun activity, but why not make it a joyous event by bringing in a bunch of vendors, massive discounts, and popular celebrities?

With Hari Raya Aidilfitri around the corner; Samanea, the global furniture retailer is hosting the star studded Karnival Bling Bling Raya 2019 Kuala Lumpur.

Gathering almost 50 local vendors with a wide array of products from apparel, to cosmetics, to food, to furniture; patrons can expect quality products at bargain rates.

As the word ‘Karnival’ implies, it is a full on celebration with entertainment and celebrity appearances scheduled through out the four-day event.

Held at Samanea located at Glo Damansara, join in the fun from 10am to 9pm daily from Thursday, 16th May until Sunday, 19th May 2019.

The biggest draw of the Karnival is the heavy line up of Malaysian celebrities, ready to showcase products they have proudly created, and some of them even to perform.

Some names include Hafiz Hamidun, Amy Search, Harris Baba, Zoey Rahman, Ameer Forteen, Raihan, Noryn Aziz, Fairuz Misran among others.

In adding to the festivities, local celebrity musician, Fitri Haris will be launching(and of course performing) his brand new single at Karnival Bling Bling Raya 2019.

Recognised for his distinctive aesthetic, fashion Icon Wak Doyok is the appointed ambassador for the Karnival and will be making a special appearance on the 19th May (Sunday).

Cecilia Chin, General Manager of Samanea Malaysia, said,

“Aligned with Samanea’s philosophy, the Karnival Bling Bling Raya 2019 is built with a one-stop concept, catering to the ever-growing needs of the modern consumer.

“Technology has advanced the way we shop, but even then, searching for the perfect product may require quite a bit of research!

“Just like this Karnival, Samanea offers a more comprehensive shopping experience by bringing your favourite brands together.”

For latest updates, kindly follow Karnival Bling Bling Raya 2019 Facebook and Instagram page @blingblingfestival and Samanea Malaysia @samaneamalaysia.

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