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South Korean Politicians MIGHT Give BTS Military Exemption

Every South Korean male must serve in the military for about 2 years. That’s the law.

However, there are certain cases whereby the men can be exempted from their national service such as physical disabilities or special achievements.

Special achievements include winning world-renowned events such as the Olympics.

However, Bareun Mirae Party‘s Ha Tae Kyung explained that it is difficult for an artist like BTS to receive such an exemption due to certain reasons, even though a lot of fans are asking him to give them the privilege.

He explained,


“There is a problem in equality when we look at the international events and accomplishments that are allowed to be considered for military exemption.

“If you place first in a musical competition, such as the violin or piano, you can be exempted. But you can’t be exempted if you place first on the Billboard Charts.

“The first place winner in a ballet competition can be exempted but you won’t see a first place B-Boy on the exemption list.

“Athletes in E-Sports, which are taking over the world, are nowhere to be seen on the exempt list.

“There are people who participate in the theatre whom are exempted but nobody from the film industry [gets the privilege].”

To this, the politician asked that the government review the policy “to fit the younger generation”.


Thankfully, the Military Affairs Director Ki Chan Soo said that this change will be taken into consideration.

“We will consult with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism regarding the idea of [a new] military exemption [system].

“It will be difficult if the public does not agree to the changes.

“We will consider looking into it to create realistic terms and conditions.”

What do you guys think of this?



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