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Sunny Says She’s OK Despite Leaving Show Due to Injury

Since Girls’ Generation’s Sunny left Every1′ Video Star due to a knee injury, fans have been worried about her well being. People started to wonder if the smiley woman was falling sick as well.

Being the thoughtful woman that she is, she explained to her fans via an Instagram post about what’s been going on.

She wrote,

“I’m healthy~~.

“There was a time I pushed myself to meet expectations because of the overwhelming love I’ve received, and I neglected my health.

“At that time, I thought there were more precious things than my health, but through some experiences, I realised that I can best deliver my positive energy to everyone when I truly radiate health and energy.”

“Of course, I’ve been trying to attend to things I’ve put off for a long time, so I’m not in the best state.

“However, I’m in the process of improving from how I was previously.

“Recently, I was pained to notice that it’s been rare that I’ve been able to have the time to have a good talk with fans or see them in order to share my worries and how I’m doing, so I’m writing this letter after some thought…

“I know how much my fans and the people around me care for me, so that’s why I’m caring for myself as well.

“I’m doing my best to meet you with a better image for a longer time, so I hope you are happy and joyful with thoughts of me rather than being worried.

“I hope SONE also take care of their health and feel small as well as big happy moments every day in life. Let’s be happy for a long time together!!!

“Once again~ I’m healthy~~~.”

So, there you go fans. Don’t worry too much about Sunny because she’s just taking a break right now.

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