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Henry Lau Has Been Single For 10 Years!

Henry Lau has always been very open and transparent about his love life. He once shared about how his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his bestfriend and how it really hurt him.

Apparently, since his debut into the South Korean entertainment scene with Super Junior-M in 2008, he has not dated anyone at all!

In the latest Give Me a Meal episode, Henry and Cha Eun Woo were invited as guests onto the show where they had to go through Dogok Neighbourhood in Gangnam looking for a meal.

While speaking about eating with people, the topic of romantic relationships popped up.

He shared,

“I haven’t met someone who I fit with yet. However, I’m not lonely.”

Though he isn’t seeking for a girlfriend anytime soon, he does miss his family who’s back in Canada.

“I usually eat alone. I haven’t eaten with my family ever since I came to Korea.”

It seems like Henry needs his loved ones more than a new girlfriend right now. Hopefully, he gets to have a good meal with his family again soon.



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