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There wasn’t a Single Dull Moment During LANY’s Epic Concert in KL

LANY made their headline concert in Malaysia last Saturday on March 31st, 2018 at KL Live and it is probably the best way we could end the first quarter of the year.

There wasn’t a single dull moment at all beginning from the massive line to go into the venue to the way LANY ended their amazing set. And this whole event was made possible thanks to Heineken’s Live Your Music movement.

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Indeed, the beginning wasn’t all that fun because the line was excruciatingly long due to a high amount of ticket frauds going on. The concert which was suppose to start at 8pm ended up being dragged up to almost 10pm.

Unfortunately, because the venue was barely filled earlier, many people could not watch our local talent, Midnight Fusic, perform the opening act.

Midnight Fusic

Thankfully, the LANY was kind enough to wait for everyone to be inside the venue before starting the show. They truly wanted everyone to enjoy the whole set fully together.

Awww, these boys are so precious!

In fact, Future Sound Asia, the organisers, were transparent about what was going on. A representative made the apology and announcement multiple times from the front to the end of the line.

Just look at the crowd!

They even posted a statement onto social media platforms to officially say sorry to everyone.

Finally, as the issue with fake tickets were resolved, the venue soon became packed with fans. The lights suddenly dimmed, everyone started cheering insanely and the spotlight shines on the stage.

BAM! Out came Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Clifford Goss!

The crowd went frat house-wild as the gorgeous men started playing Dumb Stuff. No one could stop cheering for them as they played the opening number.

Fans went crazy one more when 4EVER! started and then continued on with yea, babe, no way.

Now, LANY has quite a number of slow songs as well and usually these types of songs aren’t chosen for concerts because artists would like to keep the crowd riled up.

You’d think that the crowd would become bored during the slow tempo songs like Hericane and Tampa but the crowd was singing along to every lyric!

Plus, at one point, Paul even waved the Malaysian flag making everyone cheer like mad.

Then, LANY started playing Super Far and the crowd just lost it. This particular song is by far one of the most famous songs from their latest self-titled album.

Then the lights went out and everyone kept on chanting “We want more! We want more!”. Of course, LANY had to answer the fans’ demand right?

So, they came back out and played Parents followed by ILYSB just like how these two tracks are arranged in the album.

The performance was magnetic. Everyone sang along to every single lyric and here’s proof of it.

In fact, lead singer Paul even complimented the crowd by saying we’re the best they’ve performed for by far.

He said,

“Malaysia, we’re gonna come back here forever and ever.”


If you didn’t know, this isn’t the first time LANY came to Malaysia. Last year, they performed at the Good Vibes Festival in Genting Highlands along with other acts like Kodaline, The Kooks and G-Eazy.

So far, the lineup for Good Vibes Festival 2018 has yet to be set but we are all hoping to see more of LANY in Malaysia, especially at the event.

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