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Many of us have been hooked on Russell Peters’ jokes since he became famous in the mid 2000’s. His punchlines have hit it off with many people and even though he constantly make fun of people by their race, he isn’t exactly racist.

Mainly because he equally screws everyone’s race over as well as his own. There’s always a massive slab of truth in his jokes too which is why many people can easily relate to the things he say.

His famous lines “somebody gonna get a hurt real bad” and “hey you! Be a man!” have been echoed by fans throughout the globe.

It is undeniable that Russell Peters is a truly iconic comedian.

Now, he will be making his third visit to Malaysia ever on March 2, 2018! Malaysia is one of Russell’s stop for his Deported World Tour.

Source: LOL Events

Back in 2012, Russell made his first appearance here and his second was in April, 2015. Tickets for his shows sold out like hot cakes.

Russell is also known for interacting with the audience quite often. He typically has got a set of jokes ready but goes with the flow instead. Remember how he made fun of ‘tap some bong’? Yeah, pretty much.

So, if you get the front row seats, you might be lucky enough to be a part of his iconic fun-making.

Recently, Russell even dabbled in acting as he played a detective from Toronto, Canada who went to visit his father in Mumbai, India. There, he gets into trouble and…well, you know, he has to fight crime and all that action-packed stuff.

This comedy-drama series is a must-not-miss just like his stand-up show in KL this year. Get your tickets to the Deported World Tour in Kuala Lumpur here.

Source: IndieWire

Details as below:

Venue : Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil
Date : March 2, 2018
Time : 8.30PM
Price : RM398, RM298, RM198


You better be there, okay! Just take it…and go! Take the ticket and go!

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