Events By: Asrul Haliff November 21, 2019 @ 6:00pm

#xtraVlog: A Trip Up To Resorts World Genting For “Train To Busan” Horror House and The VOID’s “Avengers: Damage Control”

On the eve of Halloween, we’ve got to experience a real-life zombie apocalypse amoks in the world’s first-ever “Train To Busan” Horror House inspired by the movie itself at Resorts World Genting!

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And not only that, we’ve also got to be one of the first few people that can suit up with Wakanda’s latest invention of iron armor in the realm of Avengers through an out-of-this-worldly VR game in The VOID’s “Avenger: Damage Control”.

It wasn’t our first time climbing up Resorts World Genting but during that day we were obviously and clearly more thrilled than ever! Just watch how much excitement shown in our faces during that day!

Previously, we’ve talked and shared with you so many stories about this horror house experience but we never expect it to be this good!

When we had a taste of what to come for Resorts World Genting’s 2019 Halloween in an exclusive behind the scene sneak peak in the previous month, we had high expectations. And surprisingly, they literally exceeded all of ours!

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And not only that, we’ve also talked about how awesome and mind-blowing The VOID is! With its unbeatable cohesion of both technology and entertainment, the new title “Avenger: Damage Control” is easily idiosyncratic compared to others!

The action-packed title will definitely make you want to repeat for the 20th time! (well, at least for us)

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Watch the trailer for this ultimate VR experience and see how awesome The VOID is!

All information and ticketing are available at You might want to check them out quick because they are having a promotion for the tickets!

Even though Halloween has long passed but who doesn’t love a good adventure right? So what are you waiting for?

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