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Zamaera Wants Us to Find Ourselves and Find Our Truth in New Single

Fluid and heartfelt in its vocals and composition, Truth carries a message for the soul.

The second single in her EP, Zamaera confronts existentialism with self reflection and empathy. It is a tale imbued with faith and purpose, pleas and gratitude; telling a story many of us are familiar with.

It grieves the could be’s and would be’s and questions if fame and money blind us to the struggles of those around us.

Paying homage to her journey, Truth embodies the age old question of purpose and soul-searching whilst reflecting and affirming notions of the self and the world.

Whether looking for a purpose in life or a place in the universe, Zamaera calls for people to find their Truth.


While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out her other songs, Z vs Z, Wanita and HELLY KELLY.

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