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Ziana Zain: “I’m a Mother as Well as a Father to My Children…”

Popular singer and single mother Ziana Zain says life remains the same for her, especially when it comes to caring for her four children.

“I have always taken the responsibility that of a mother as well as a father to my children. Whether in ensuring that there’s food for them at home or even doing the school round,” shared the 50-year-old artiste.

“I would prepare their breakfast and send them to school, and return home to prepare their lunch. If I have a busy week and unable to prepare lunch or dinner for them, I will normally get ready the ingredients in advance so that my eldest son can easily whip up something for his siblings to eat,” Ziana told the Press when met at the launch of lifestyle portal SalamToday at Empire Hotel Subang here, yesterday.

Her 20-year-marriage to Armin Zaharin Ahmad Zambri ended when they divorced in July last year.

They have four children — Muhammad Aiman, 19, Muhammad Ammar, 15, and 10-year-old twins Muhammad Ariel and Siti Nur Kaseh.

Source: NST

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