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Escape the Haze in Malaysia at These 6 Locations with Best Air Quality

While living in a big city certainly has its perks, it’s certainly not without its disadvantages – take for example, the poor air quality especially in Malaysia where issues such as haze has been a perennial concern.

If a quick getaway for clean, crisp air is on your agenda, check out Agoda’s list of holiday ideas based on top-ranking destinations from the Yale University’s Air Quality Results report 1 .

Australia (Air Quality Results rank: 1)

1. Tasmania

Australia is ranked as the cleanest air country in the world, according to Yale. Hobart, capital of the island state of Tasmania, is the cleanest among them.

This small city is set upon a gorgeous harbour flanked by hills and offering fresh seafood aplenty provides the ideal base to explore the state’s wilderness forests and secluded beaches.

You can enjoy crisp morning air year-round at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel as you start your Tassie adventure.


2. Melbourne

On the mainland, Melbourne leads the way among the larger cities. Australia’s cultural capital boasts the country’s best shopping and an all-year events calendar that is the envy of the world.

Guests are never short of things to do in the Victorian city – and its reputation as The Garden State, along with a Bayside location ensure that your lungs get some time off as well.

Looking for a place to stay, why not enjoy some sea air at Agoda home Beachside Port Melbourne.


Canada (Air Quality Results rank: 4)

3. Vancouver

Virtually any city in the huge nation could have made the list here, but the incredible Vancouver is noted for its outdoorsy living.

With a nautical culture befitting its waterside location, as well as the thousand-acre urban Stanley Park, the city offers so much to people looking to get out and about and give their lungs either a rest or a workout!

Located just a short drive to some of Canada’s premier snow-fields, guests to the town almost always leave with a commitment to be-back-soon to the BC metropolis.

The SureStay Hotel by Best Western North Vancouver Capilano provides a great leaping-off point to explore this amazing city.


Brunei (Air Quality Results rank: 8)

4. Brunei

Tiny Brunei was the highest rated PM2.5 nation in Asia, and the often-overlooked destination that is just a short hop from Kuala Lumpur for a quick getaway.

Branding itself as an “Abode of Peace”, the country offers an abundance of nature, wildlife uncommon to the rest of the region, and some stunning Islamic architecture sure to impress any visitor to the nation.

Looking for a place to stay there, why not try The Fern Apartment. You will surely feel at home in the residence’s spacious living rooms, open kitchens, and expansive dining areas.


USA (Air Quality Results rank: 10)

5. Portland

With so much to offer in the huge country, it’s hard to pick just one US destination, but the gorgeous Portland, Oregon, with a PM score frequently in single digits, ticks the box.

Surrounded by massive redwood forests on virtually all sides, and a rugged Pacific Coastline to its west, it’s a place to visit that’s conducive to some cleared airways!

The bright and funky Staypineapple at Hotel Rose provides a central location to explore Portland and its surrounds.


Japan (Air Quality Results rank: 27)

6. Kyoto

Home to the Kyoto Protocol on clean air, Japan should be on every traveller’s list looking to get some quality air in the region.

Make a stop at the Kyoto Protocol’s namesake city, where you can spend days exploring temples that date back millennia and magnificently manicured gardens – it’s a must visit for any traveller looking to explore the country’s rich heritage.

Look to stay in Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto with exceptional service and facilities. From here, you can easily visit the well-known destinations of this culturally rich city.


Really, all we need now is an excuse to travel. With flight and accommodation prices constantly on offer these days, we should take advantage of them and go on holidays more often.

After all, you only live once.

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