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Explore Langkawi Wholly with Resorts World Langkawi

Craving for a full on resort experience in a breathtaking island without burning a hole in your pocket? You ought to check out Langkawi then.

Set in the Straits of Malacca, this gorgeous enclave is a piece of heaven on Earth right within our homeland. Without the need to travel far, we get to enjoy the cerulean Andaman Sea, beautiful azure skies and ivory beaches.

Langkawi, surrounded by many islets, is probably the perfect go-to place for a dynamic family or group of friends.

The island has got gorgeous shores for relaxing as well as water activities, you can go hiking at Gunung Raya and Gunung Machinchang, ride on the cable car up to the Langkawi Skybridge and soak in the amazing view, and even take a dip in the Seven Wells Waterfall.

Meanwhile, the shopaholics can go crazy purchasing all sorts of stuffs at Duty Free shops Cenang Mall and the many cool gift shops scattered across Cenang Street.

Of course, being Malaysians, we can’t leave out eating which is where we get to feast on juicy seafood freshly caught from the sea.

Resorts World Langkawi

There are many places to stay on this island, but we highly recommend Resorts World Langkawi for it is the perfect place to truly relax in.

The place is located in the Southern-most tip of the island but is only a short 10 minutes drive from Cenang Street. This would mean you won’t be far off from the bustling town, but far away enough that you’re given a tranquil scene to unwind.

With recently refurbished sections, the resort boasts newly furnished rooms, contemporary restaurants and cafes, and the highlight of it all, an astonishing new salt water infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea.

You’d want to order a cool drink from the bar, perhaps even snuggle up on a cute float, and open up your favourite book while basking in the sun at this swimming pool.

If you have kids who love splashing around, you can bring them to the other swimming pool just behind the infinity pool where there are cute slides and water playground for the little ones to venture into.

On top of it all, their advanced game room is equipped with a pool table, ping pong tables, Foosball tables and plenty more.

They have charming rooms fit for happy couples to larger rooms for big families coming together. A major plus is the wonderful service by the entire hotel’s staff who will jovially greet you with a warm smile!


Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

While excitement should be the centre of all adventures, we need to allow space to unwind from all the cacophony as well. With the Royal Javanese spa techniques used here, you’re sure to alleviate all stresses from your body, mind and soul.

The holistic experience touches on all your senses from the aromatic scents wafting throughout the establishment to the comforting touch of the masseuse’s strong yet delicate hands.

The types of treatments also range from the various common massages to specialised traditional therapy for post-natal. You can also indulge yourself with a lovely facial, ease off into a warm milk bath, and even nourish your hair in a specifically designed hair treatment.

Though can choose treatments ala carte, it is highly suggested that you take one of their many packages to fully pamper yourself from head to toe.

The prices are certainly worth every single penny paid and more right here. Plus, seeing as it is set within Resorts World Langkawi itself, you don’t need to search far and wide for a marvellous spa.


Sunset Cruise

Though there are many tours available throughout the island, what sets the Sunset Cruise apart is just how fun, amazing and absolutely stunning the complete affair is.

Take a brief stroll along the boardwalk to one end of the resort and you’ll find the counter to the water sports and tours counter. Over here, you can purchase your tickets to the epic Sunset Cruise.

The jetty is yet another short walk from the counter where you’ll be greeted by a welcoming crew. Prior to boarding, they will collect all your shoes and slippers as you’re now allowed any footwear on board.

However, this is only because the team has kept the boat in such good condition. Plus, there’s no need to worry about slipping because the entire ship has been made safe.

Aboard the orange catamaran, you’ll be filled with free flow drinks, spoiled with a scrumptious barbecue dinner and be entertained from start to end by the very merry crew.

The climax of this cruise would be the ‘Saltwater Jacuzzi’! One might imagine a hot tub on one part of the boat, but it is actually not on it, rather behind it.

A sturdy net made of solid ropes is tossed behind dinghy to create the ‘seats’ of the ‘hot tub’ whereby warm currents flowing under the boat will give you the feel similar to water jets in a Jacuzzi.

P.S, don’t worry about accidentally letting go, Feli the German lifeguard and her assistant will be right by everyone while you’re in the water. Plus, you will be strapped with a durable life jacket.

And in any case you float off anyways, you can be easily saved by the crew members using their speedboat called Kasi Chan La (which roughly translates to “we’ll give you a second chance”).

To end the lovely evening, the team will play some upbeat music and challenge cruisers to a dance off before slowly making our way back to the dock.


Perhaps this all seem exorbitant, but trust that the entire package here is a 5-star experience at a bargain which you can’t get anywhere else.

For more information and to make bookings, check out Resorts World Langkawi’s website, email them at [email protected] or call them at +604955 5111.

Resorts World Langkawi: Tanjung Malai, 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia.

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