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G.H. Mumm Launches Brand New Sexy Look for Cordon Rouge Bottles

Maison Mumm is reshaping its heritage with a bold redesign of its best-selling champagne, the G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge.

A fitting tribute to the distinctive qualities of the Maison’s champagnes, several defining features of the Maison’s legacy have been brought up to date in the avant-garde redesign.

To truly live up to their title as the #1 Grande Maison champagne in France, the Maison will reinvent the art of champagne celebrations in its spectacular, next-level style.

After all, G.H. Mumm was the official champagne for Formula One for 15 years, immortalised on the winner’s podium, and now has Usain Bolt helming the brand as its Chief Entertainment Officer.

The brainchild of the iconic Parisian design studio Yorgo & Co, the Cordon Rouge redesign is a disruptive and modern take on Mumm’s heritage.

The Maison’s founding date of 1827 appears in a modern new font, while the sash is echoed on the neck (collerette) in a nod to vintage archive bottles.

Breaking with convention, the front label was also given a disruptive redesign: transparent and emblazoned with Mumm’s iconic red sash — a historic symbol of excellence that so perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Mumm.

Sebastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia, said,

“The stunning new Cordon Rouge bottle offers a visual reflection of the unique characteristics of Mumm’s champagnes: a blend of energy and intensity, with an enticing hint of freshness.

“What better way to memorialise this touchstone than to host a series of dazzling parties that challenge preconceived notions of how champagnes should be served and enjoyed.”

Mumm’s takeover of W Kuala Lumpur’s WET and SPLASH Sessions will feature international DJ sets and party packages featuring the Maison’s emblematic champagnes served by the Mumm Serving Squad.

Get ready to turn heads; as the Mumm Serving Squad will champion Mumm’s take on the champagne serving ritual with playful pageantry.

Think ice-cold champagnes served in a spectacular procession with a dazzling display of sparkles and flare, peppered with a few more surprises that have to be seen in real life to believe.

The redesigned G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge is available in off-trade outlets effective immediately, for gifting and home celebrations.

For more information on Mumm’s series of parties please visit W Kuala Lumpur’s Facebook page.

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