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Valentine’s Day is a time for love and romanticism, but all those ‘traditional’ ways of expressing love have surely become rather outdated, no?

The ol’ roses, chocolates, movie and dinner are quite typical and expected by now. So, why not shake things up this year by making some homemade macarons and chocolates, or even take a baking class together!

On February 10, 2018, the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia will be holding a special Macaron and Chocolate Workshop just for the public.

This academy has been churning out amazing talents in the pastry sector for quite some time now, so you can rest assured that everything you will be learning in that crash course will definitely be worthwhile.

Participants of this class will be able to learn how to make these desserts from scratch. And to make things more cute, the macarons and chocolates will be moulded into heart shapes.

Chef Angelo giving useful and priceless tips to the class.

Trust me, the heart-shaped macarons are wayyyy more difficult than the conventional circle-shaped ones.

The chefs who will be guiding every participant on that day are of course international award-winning chefs. They will provide honest, experienced, and patient teaching for every individual, just as how they treat their own students.

Now, before anyone goes ‘oh it’s just a little French pastry and some basic chocolates’, you better bite your tongue because these intricate delicacies aren’t all that easy to make.

You could follow a macaron recipe to the ‘T’, and things could still go horribly wrong leaving you only with cracked, bumpy or lumpy shells. And your chocolates probably wouldn’t shine as good as how a professionally-made one does.

But thanks to this workshop, even a butter-finger can make miracles come true. Okay lah, I’m exaggerating but you get what I mean right?

The Founder and Managing Director of the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia explained that making something beats purchasing those from stores.

He said,

“As both a Chef and a husband, I often dedicate handcrafted desserts to those I love. Anyone can buy a dessert, but nothing beats being romantic than making it from your heart.

“This workshop guarantees not only the end product, but also the skill, knowledge or practical training acquired which can be applied in other dessert-making adventures.”

 So don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind special event. There are limited spaces available so better grab this opportunity quick before the spots get filled out!

Details as below:

Date : 10th February, 2018
Time : 9am-5pm
Venue : Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia
Address : 16, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya (next to LYL building)
Contact : +603 7960 3846
Email : [email protected]
Price : Couples – RM500, Individuals – RM300

If you’re interested, call them at the number above ASAP before the class gets filled, or drop them a message via their Facebook page.

Well, think of the class as a date on its own as you and your partner participate in the 8-hour long lesson together.


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