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Gender stereotyping is something we are all still trying to overcome today. The classic “girls should go for pink” and “boys should play sports” thinking is still so rampant today, but thankfully more people are shifting to a broader mindset.

Breaking people’s perspectives, Cik Puan Auni decided to share her story of how she decided to go for a traditionally-male dominated hobby; cars.

Auni loves sports cars and car modifications. Like how a typical automobile-loving boy would, Auni gushes about her infatuation with everything motorcar related.

In an interesting Facebook post, Auni wrote,

“Some people have asked why am I so into sports cars and car mods. Here’s my answer…

“Of the many reasons why I love sports cars, it’s the shape the entices me a lot. The best part is the sound of the exhaust pipe. I just drool whenever I hear one.”

“All the cars I’ve purchased were standard ones. There were no special rims, even the colours were all normal. But I changed them all to make them stunning and rare.

“When there’s nothing else to modify anymore, I’ll sell the car and do the same for other cars. This is my hobby.”

Auni explains that she is still sane enough to not go into debt just because of her unique hobby. She purchases her cars by paying cash – no loans, no interest fees.

If she can’t afford the car, she just won’t buy it.

Here’s a list of the cars which she has bought, customised, and sold.

1. Honda Civic FD 2.0

“After 3 months of doing business, I bought this car using cash. The original car was black with standard rims. Here, I’ve fixed a Mugen RR bodykit, changed the colour to a fiery red, and changed the rims to 18-inch rims.

“It felt awesome until I didn’t have anymore ideas of modifying it. So I sold it and bought a new car.”


2. BMW 350i

“After selling the Honda, I got this as my second car. I painted it a metallic grey, installed the M3 full bodykit, and 18-inch rims. I didn’t even use the car for long until someone offered to buy the car from me. I sold it, lah, then bought my third car.”


3. Chevrolet Cruze 1.8

“The original car was black in colour. I bought a bodykit and 18-inch rims too, then I changed the car’s paint to a yellow because I love Transformers.

“This car was nice to drive but after 6 months I got a bit bored, so I changed the colour a shade of blue like the Subaru Empreza. However, I haven’t sold the car yet. But I do feel like selling it because I’ve bought my fourth car.


4. Nissan 3.5 Nismo Fairlady Z

“My latest car is the Nissan 3.5 Nismo Fairlady Z. Why am I so into this car? It’s because the name suits the ladies. Just like me, the car is called Fairlady. Hehehe.

“When I first bought it, it was very plain too. I spent a lot of money to modify it. From the tyres, the rims’ paint, to the exhaust pipe, I’ve spent RM15,000.

“I haven’t sold it because I love it a lot. But if I were to sell it, I’ll upgrade to the Nissan GT-R. Pray that I can join the GT-R group, ok.”


5. Honda City 1.5

“My fifth car is the Honda City 1.5 full specs. I bought the car as a gift to my beloved father. I cannot forget all that my beloved parents have done for me.

“To gain more in life, we should not be stingy with our parents. Their prayers and blessings are very important.”


Indeed, even Auni is fully aware of how her hobby is filled with predominantly male fans. But she isn’t about to let society dictate what he can or cannot do.

“Don’t think that only guys would have this hobby. Women do too, like me!”

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