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#ApologizeToSeungri Trends When BIGBANG Seungri Is Found Innocent

Even if you’re not a fan of K-Pop, you must have heard all the fiasco about Seungri right?

The member of one of the biggest boy group in South Korea — BIGBANG was held under investigation earlier this year for allegations of prostitution and scandals with fellow celebrity Jung Joo Young.

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Ever since, fans were left disappointed and some even reject his involvement with BIGBANG.

However yesterday, the hashtag #ApologizeToSeungri suddenly flooded people’s Twitter and even climbed up in the top trending in several countries.

#ApologizeToSeungri also trends in Malaysia with more than 200k tweets.

It was revealed that KBS — Korean Broadcasting System finally unveiled the truth! Apparently, the text conversation between Seungri and Jung Joon Young that became the main evidence of the scandal has been manipulated by KBS themselves.

The truth was that Seungri is allegedly not guilty for the issue, instead becoming a victim of the situation. Further strengthen the speculation was there was no proof of Seungri getting involved in the situation as he did not give any response to the group chat. 

With that, the hashtag #ApologizeToSeungri became trending as petition for Korean medias to apologize of the false accusation towards the K-pop idol and the immoral act of spreading hoax news.

What the Korean medias had did was brutal; manipulating the truth which led to an innocent to be kept in captive by the police.

And even making things worse, because of the media, Seungri’s career that he has been making for 13 years crumbled in just overnight.

There hasn’t been yet official announcement regarding the news but we’ll keep you guys updated.

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