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Brave Men Save Puppies From Filthy Drain Despite Religious Restrictions

When it’s pouring non-stop and you suddenly hear a puppies’ cries coming the drain, would you bother to rescue them?

Recently, a viral video on Facebook by PenMerah shows that there’s no religion or belief that can stop us when it comes to helping someone or even something in need.

In the video, we can see that a young man heard the sound of puppies crying in a dirty drain nearby. However, instead of heartlessly walking away from the scene, he ran to get tools to save those puppies!

Though his religion restricts him from touching a dog’s liquid excrement or when the animal is wet, he decided to bear the consequences of his actions anyways.

Because he wasn’t allowed to touch the soaking wet dogs, he used hoes to carry them out.

He is very smart and kindhearted! 

Soon after, he rescued the first puppy but the second one ran away from him due to nervousness. So, the man in orange had to run after the second puppy with the hoes in his hands.

The puppy was probably afraid and thought that the tools were meant to harm it which was probably why it ran back and forth inside the drain.

However, the brave man in orange didn’t give up. In fact, he had backup when a few men joined him on the rescue mission.

Thankfully, with the help of the other men, the second puppy was saved from the dirty drain too. Phew!

This video immediately went viral on all social media sites in Malaysia, as many netizens praised and gave praised to the young men for their admirable efforts.

Despite some religious restrictions, they did not back out from the scene and still tried their best to save the puppies. 

Indeed, there shouldn’t be conditions when it comes to helping others in need. Whether they are fellow humans or animals, they deserve to be saved. They also deserve to be loved and cared for even from afar.

For those who haven’t catch a glimpse of the video, watch it below:


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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