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Lazada Malaysia’s Mid Year Festival Breaks New Record And Here’s Why..

Lazada held their grand Mid-Year Festival which took place on Friday 12 July 2019 around midnight. 

Malaysians took advantage of half-priced deals and enjoyed a richer, more rewarding and entertaining shopping experience with new features such as the GUESS IT livestreamed gameshow, Chup Dulu pre-order deals to reserve and guarantee the purchase of selected products as well as a Lowest Price Guarantee*.

The Mid-Year Festival also coincided with Lazada’s annual Big Baby Fair which took place over 5 days from 12 – 16 July.

Across South East Asia, Lazada achieved a new record for the number of participating merchants, as well as a record high for brand sales during the usually quiet mid-year period. In 24 hours, Malaysians bought:

  • Over half a million litres of petrol, enough to fuel a car for 104 years
  • 8,500 Burger King Tandoori Chicken Burgers
  • 53,000kg of Malaysian staple, Milo, enough to serve the whole nation for a year
  • 10,000 Maggie Mee 2mins Curry packs were sold out in less than 6 mins
  • Highest units sold for Flash Sales ever – 2x more than Lazada 7th Birthday campaign

“The results of our Mid-Year Festival reflect Malaysians’ reliance on Lazada for their daily and lifestyle needs, which is evident in the growth we have seen from 11.11 last year, through our 7th Birthday and our recent Mid-Year Festival. Not only has consumption increased but they are responding to our Shoppertainment strategy and looking for new ways to shop, enjoy and experience great deals.”

“The success of our Mid-Year Festival reflects Lazada’s position as a preferred shopping destination for Malaysians’ daily and lifestyle needs. The response to our Shoppertainment strategy has been very positive, and we look forward to bringing shoppers more exciting and entertaining innovations through this approach. We have also seen an increase in participating brands and sellers accelerating their business growth through our Flash Sales section as well as brand and store exposure when featured on GUESS IT and LazGames,” said Leo Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia.

Throughout its 6 markets, Lazada introduced its first ever livestreamed game, GUESS IT – a 30-minute in-app show that combines a gameshow concept with professionally-generated livestreamed content. It involved entertaining local personalities playing host and giving away clues for viewers to guess the price of products.

Held over 70 sessions every day from 1 – 12 July (in Malaysia), GUESS IT saw a total viewership of 5.5 million across SEA, leaving 1.8 million comments with an average time spent of 8.1 minutes per user.

In-app feature LazGames saw over 130 brands and partners customizing LazGames with their logos and products, with over 2.9 million players to date since the launch of our LazGame arcade during Lazada’s 7th Birthday in March.

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