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Local Musician Exposed for Stealing Female Friends’ Panties and Bras

Have you ever trusted someone so much and for so long only to find out that they’ve been taking your trust for granted all this while?

It sucks if that’s ever happened to you but you might not have felt what these ladies went through. Recently, a guy named Ze exposed one of his former friends after catching him stealing a female friend’s undergarments.

In a Twitter thread, Ze explained:

TL:DR; Ze’s female friend noticed that her undergarments have been missing whenever they have a hangout session with this particular group of friends.

She set up another hangout sesh in her home and fixed a hidden camera. They caught the person, Megat, red-handed and he confessed to everything.

Some of them were soiled underwear by the way. Gross!

As if things weren’t bad enough, Megat’s own band mate, Celyn, came forward and shared her side of the story too. She posted a Twitter thread about her story:

TL:DR; Celyn noticed that whenever she wanted to go to the toilet, Megat will rush to go in before her. It happened a few times until Celyn suspected something and decided to take caution.

She realised that he left his phone inside every time and the phone’s camera was conveniently just over the edge and it overlooks the toilet.

She and the other band mates confronted him about it but he was calm and just ‘explained’ everything. She couldn’t take action because there was no solid proof.

However, after things went viral with Ze’s Twitter post, the band decided to kick Megat out and go on a hiatus.

Here’s their statement on the situation:

It comes as a shock that a friend could actually take advantage of peoples’ trust in him and do such things like this.

Ladies, please be more wary of your surroundings. Whenever you’re in bathrooms, changing rooms, or anywhere you would take your clothes off, do ensure that there are no cameras or anything.

Also, it’s hard to think that any of your friends could have perverted intentions with you but it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful either.

Lastly, if ever you do fall victim to such sexual perverts, remember that it’s NOT your fault and you DO NOT deserve it. And it is totally okay to speak out about this.

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