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Was That Really Her? Adele’s New Physical Appearance Received Praised From Fans

She welcomes 2020 with the best new year resolution! A FIT BODY!

We love Adele no matter what shapes she’s in, she’s so talented and on top of that she’s so inspiring. Having to start her career at such an early age and rise to fandom, Adele is a definitely a star of her own, but just like any other celebrities who constantly got body shame Adele is no strange to receive criticism..mostly for her physical appearance. 

But this year just got better for her!

Apparently, her fans spotted her on a holiday with close pals, Harry Styles  and James Corden in Anguilla and many were shocked to see her now slim figure. 

Wow, she looks happy and healthy!

According to a fan who managed to take a selfie with her, Adele opened up to her that she has lost almost 100 pounds. But, Adele new physical changes has long been spotted by fans since she went out at party with Drake in December 2019, looking slimmer than ever. 

However, Adele weight transformation journey didn’t come easy,  her trainer revealed that she has lost few pounds by cutting sugary drinks and unhealthy food. She has also found a new love in her workout routine. 2019 was a personal growth for Adele and we’d say she has never looked better!

Credit photo: Twitter 

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