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We Lovin It! McDonald’s Introduces Brand New Chocolate Oreo Ice Blended

Mcdonald’s sure knows how to win the game..

Remember when people went crazy over  Mcdonald’s Cookies and Cream Pie? Well, it seems like there’s a new Oreo thingy in Mcdonald’s land..

We proudly present to you Mcdonald’s latest addition, the new Ice Blended Chocolate Oreo!

Starting from 5 December 2019, available in all Mcdonald’s outlets, you can get your hands on these new drinks; Ice Chocolate With Oreo and Ice Blended Chocolate with Oreo for only RM 12.26

We all know how delicious oreo and chocolate taste like. For the coffee lovers, you can opt for this Oreo topping   to add to that sweet sugary caffeine in your drinks. 

We heard that it taste even better than Starbucks Frappucino. What are you waiting for? Grab these new drinks now!

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