Another day, another trend.

Usually when something goes trending on social media, it’s usually a meme or a breaking news or things that went viral. However, EXO-Ls (the fandom name of EXO) literally took the trending game to the next level.

It all started when a trainee parent from the camp where an EXO member D.O or Do Kyungsoo was enlisted in early July, left a comment on ‘The Camp’ app, thanking the super idol for helping his/her child a lot.

Along with this comment, a picture of the said idol with his comrades was also released! And fans immediately went total uwu after seeing the idol’s bright smile and healthy figure.

EXO-Ls bombarded Twitter with all sorts of tweet of all sorts of emotion. Some were happy to see their oppa being healthy and happy. Some expressed how much they miss him. And some even felt proud for stanning the big-hearted idol.