We all dream of  finding a prince charming on a white horse who wants to find the owner of the glass shoe. But that’s all just fairy tales.

It only happens in Cinderella’s happily ever after story but finding the right guy is actually harder in the 21st century.

How does one know if he’s really the one? And how do we know that he’s not? So, here are 4 signs that he could just be the Prince Charming in our very own fairytale (minus the white horse carriage and glass shoes, lah…).

1. He treats you with RESPECT

No, he doesn’t need to bow down, salute you or take orders from you, but he treats you in a way where he respects your pride, your family, your friends, and even your personal time.

The guy who respects you is a total keeper! He knows the real you. He respects your value, and your opinion even if you two are on the rocks or argue over something. He knows how to keep his mouth shut.

It doesn’t mean that he admits defeat, or to blindly say that you’re right, but it’s because he respects the situation. He knows how to handle things without letting it go out of hand.


2. He accepts you for who you are

Admit it, even if you don’t want to. Girls always look for the kind of man who would shower her with praises.

He could be the type of guy who compliments your makeup, your on fleek eyebrows, your shimmery eye shadow, or he is the kinda guy who will follow you around Sephora and not mind waiting for hours for you just to choose a new lipstick.


But girls also want a guy who would admire their natural make-up-less face. A guy who would not make a big deal if the ladies don’t feel like putting on any makeup that day.

He may make a fun of you, but you know that its just him making silly jokes.

You know that kind of guy who do not act weird around you or criticize you if you are not in the mood for anything. Even if you go crazy on him, he stays calm and know how to make you feel comfort. He accepts your flaws for who you really are.


3. He challenges you

Sometimes, girls do not want guys who merely compliment her all day and night, or guys who only know how to throw pickup lines.

Girls need guys who could challenge her, who could dare her or push her to do something out of her comfort zone. And it’s only for the sake of her wellness.

Yes, we all need someone to lift up our darkened moods and spirits. We need someone to tell us that our decision to give up is totally wrong and dare us to do something that we are afraid to do.


4. He trusts you

It isn’t easy to gain trust, especially in a relationship. It has always been one of the many reasons why couples break up -distrusting, lying, cheating.

He could trust you well enough that he wouldn’t need you to report your whereabouts and who you’re hanging out with to him. He wouldn’t blow up your phone with calls and messages too just to check on you.

He trusts you well enough and know that you’ll be alright wherever you go and whoever you’re with. He does not need to be worried.


5. He adores you

American Horror Story Love GIF

Pickup lines are real sweet and can make people swoon. But let’s admit it, if it’s overused, it could get really annoying.

If he is trying way too hard then it’s just not attractive anymore because you don’t need just words, you need actual emotions and care. And to care, means to actually adore you for you are.

If you’re into acting or singing, he would support your passion. He doesn’t underestimate or belittle you. Even though, you might feel that you aren’t good enough, he still feels proud of what you have achieved.


6. He genuinely cares for you

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He doesn’t care for you in a way that is obsessive. He doesn’t constantly spam you with messages and calls, or track your whereabouts like a creepy stalker. He doesn’t suffocate you by aimlessly dropping every important thing “just for you”.

That’s just psychotic and signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Instead, he is able to balance out his own responsibilities and you. He doesn’t go overboard but instead knows when to give you your space.


So, does the guy you’re with right now fit all these points? If he does, then he’s a total keeper! #HusbandMaterial