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8TV’s 2019 Chinese New Year Roadshow Will Be a Star-Studded Event

Did you know that the Chinese zodiac has a cycle of 12 years which consists of twelve different animals? The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the rat and ends with the sign of the pig.

Next year, the upcoming Chinese New Year festival will mark the end of the 12-year cycle, that will be celebrated by the Chinese.

To heat up the excitement, Meda Prima TV Networks’ 8TV has partnered up with other media portals such as tonton, CJ Wow Shop, Viralcham, Rojaklah and TTN to proudly present 2019’s Chinese New Year campaign and also a song album, “CNY So Happy”!

Today, the CNY So Happy campaign and album launching is being held at Paradigm Mall Boulevard, Petaling Jaya. Various celebrities such as Henley Hii, Orange, Jordan, Emily, Haoren, Pauline Tan, Rickman and Natalie will be attending today’s event as well.

The 8 of them have also been chosen as the faces of this year’s campaign, and will be known as “Buddies”. Besides that, Gary Yap, Jan, Ley Teng, Desmond and the famous local Chinese singer John Wee will also make an appearance to hype things up.

According to Encik Johan Ishak, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Prima Television Networks,

“Giving gifts while visiting our family and friends during the festive seasons has become a part of our tradition.

“Hence, we chose ‘giving’ as the theme for CNY So Happy, in which we hope everyone would give sincerely and wholeheartedly.

“Be it expensive or affordable, we should not be measuring one’s sincerity based on the price of the given gift.

“The most important thing is to always pray for our loved one’s well-being all year long.

“We would also like to say thank you to our sponsors Loreal, Nivea, Tesco, Kinohimitsu, Maggi, Jasmine Rice, Lam Soon, A1 Dragon Horse Brand, Quill City Mall KL and Somersby for supporting this campaign.”

In addition, an album with the same name as the campaign has been produced too, where it consists of four songs and one music video that will guarantee to bring you the Chinese New Year festive vibe.

Moreover, Da Ji & Da Li, our two latest mascots will be introduced to the public for the first time ever today at the launching.

The main single in this album is called CNY So Happy which was composed by Athena Beh and sung by the eight “Buddies” – Henley, Orange, Jordan, Emily, Haoren, Pauline Tan, Rickman and Natalie.

Catch the music video’s first TV debut tonight at 8.35pm on 8TV.

Other celebrities, 8TV’s personalities and popular singers were involved in this album as well, and they were:

  • “Ticket To Home” – Gary, Jan, Lynn, Wind, Desmond, Chrystina, Wilson & Sherlyn
  • “Good Times Together” – Former Superstar champion John Wee, Henley Hii & Orange
  • “Singing in the Spring 2019” –The new rendition of “Singing in the Spring”, sung by Haoren, Orange, Rickman, Emily, Jordan, Sherlyn, Aye Keng, Jacky & Eric

Not only that, the eight “Buddies” starred in the special Chinese New Year short film, CNY So Happy that also was inspired by the campaign too. The executive producer for this short film is See Chee How, and it can be watched first on tonton in the early January 2019, and will be aired on 8TV after that.

This campaign will also feature the CNY So Happy Mobile Truck that is going on a tour throughout the whole peninsular Malaysia starting from 5 January 2019, and the truck will make a stop at the CNY Grand Bazaar which will be held at KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil from 13 January until 31 January.

For those who are excited for their Chinese New Year preparation, do head over to the CNY Grand Bazaar that offers great discounts!

Not only that, visitors will be entertained by the fun activities which include the CNY So Happy concert. Not to forget, the CNY So Happy Mobile Truck would also like to invite everyone to come and participate in the #TikTokChallenge.

Specially brought to you by TikTok, a social media application that allows everybody to unleash their creativity by uploading their own short music videos, now you can upload your own video with the most creative and interesting idea in order to stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

Those who are interested to enter this contest, all you need to do is to download the TikTok application on your gadgets first, and then search for the song CNY So Happy and start the challenge.

Do make sure that the account you are using is your own account, and don’t forget to hashtag #cnysohappy. Share your videos on Facebook and Instagram to get a higher chance for them to be featured on 8TV!

Other than that, you can own the CNY So Happy’s exclusive merchandise too! All exclusive merchandise can be found at Popular Bookstore and CD Rama starting from 16 December 2018 onwards.

Chinese fans of CJ WOW SHOP will have greater access to innovative lifestyle and home products that enrich their lives as the home shopping network is expected to add more Mandarin on-air programme slots in 2019.

With special surprises and rewards awaiting customers, CJ WOW SHOP will also be introducing its newly-recruited Mandarin show hosts who will be working alongside the existing line-up that fans have come to know and adore, including Baki Zainal, Pauline Tan, Gary Yap, Desmond Tey and many more.

Last but not least, the CNY So Happy received great support by our sponsors that also help to hype the upcoming Chinese New Year festive, and they are:

  1. Loreal (Singing In The Spring 2019 and CNY So Happy Mobile Truck) 
  2. Nivea (Sweet Delicacy) 
  3. Tesco (Little Happiness Too)
  4. Kinohimitsu (Sweet Delicacy) 
  5. Maggi (Ho Chak! CNY Special)
  6. Jasmine Rice (Chef Yan In The House 2019)
  7. Lam Soon (Chef Yan In The House 2019)
  8. A1 Dragon Horse Brand (Chef Yan In The House 2019)
  9. Quill City Mall KL (CNY So Happy Mobile Truck)
  10. Somersby (CNY So Happy Mobile Truck & CNY So Happy’s theme song) 

Chinese New Year is coming soon! Don’t forget to share your excitement on social media with #cnysohappy!

For more information, please go to and don’t forget to follow 8TV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @8tvchinese.

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