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Banglasia 2.0’s First Screening Receives Overwhelming Support

The five year long wait was all worth it as Namewee’s controversial product, Banglasia 2.0 finally made its way onto the big screens on February 28th in all major cinemas in Malaysia. 

Despite all the difficulties faced to get the movie out, Banglasia 2.0 gives an eye-opening insight for the younger generation to appreciate and uphold the uniqueness of Malaysia which is known for its peace and harmony.

The night of the pre-screening on Tuesday, 26th February, was really welcoming whereby many members of the media, celebrities, influencers, bloggers and the cast of the movie themselves came to enliven the much awaited show.

WebTV Asia as the producer of the movie were also very thankful and happy with the amount of support that the movie has received.

They can finally take a breather from all the hard work that has been put in fighting for the rights of this movie to be screened in the country. 

Although some of the original scenes from the movie had to be cut and remade, Namewee is thankful that the movie is finally getting the spotlight in it deserves. 

This fast-paced action comedy is about a patriotic activist named Hanguoren (Namewee) leading a group of people in fighting against the invasion of foreigners, but ironically they were also helped by a Bangladeshi.

A whooping amount of RM220,000 was collected on its first day of release despite its 18 rating. Malaysians are very keen on watching the release of the movie because of its sensational issue that is said to be closely related to Malaysia’s previous General Election. 

The 92-minute long movie brings an added value to the audience to be more open-minded and respectful towards people of other races. 

Namewee’s works are original and are produced based on real situation and current life events in Malaysia. He has always been pure with what he does and let’s hope he continues to bring us fresh and new content very soon. 

May Banglasia 2.0 continue to attract the locals and get more recognition from Malaysians.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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