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CJ WOW Shop Now Available All Day on ntv7 and TV9!

Online shopping is a fun experience for everyone. We don’t need to travel anywhere to look for the items we want as we can easily find them all from our computers or phones.

We needn’t worry about logistics as well as these items will be delivered right to our door step.

However, the one thing which lacks with online shopping is quality trust. Which is why home shopping is so much better because we can watch for ourselves how these items are being used.

Hence, CJ WOW Shop has become such a hit among Malaysians in the past couple of years.

To celebrate the new year, CJ WOW Shop is now available ALL DAY on ntv7 and TV9!

The Mandarin version with hosts such as Pauline Tan, Desmond Tey, Gary Yap and more, are available throughout the day on ntv7.

Meanwhile, the Malay audience can enjoy watching Baki Zainal, Yana Samsuddin, Diana Rusdi, etc., on TV9.

Additionally, there are all sorts of special deals taking place in conjunction with Chinese New Year. So don’t miss out on this opportunity on saving more while you spend.

Save 1800-18-0808 onto your phone so that you can call in ASAP when you see a product you want on screen. Alternatively, you can log on to or open the CJ WOW Shop app on your smartphones for more deals.

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来到第五届吉隆坡电视剧节(DFKL)将以#MasaUntukDrama为全新主题,找来了八度空间“星10大”Pauline陈俐杏及Syzuwan Hassan担任DFKL大使,并邀请到《2014金视奖》最佳导演郭福华作主讲人,势必掀起本地制作热潮!

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Jaguar Lim新电影《来自星星的傻孩子》港台也将上映

带着2015年电影好成绩的《一路有僵尸》,今年捷豹林(Jaguar Lim)砸马币150万开拍《来自星星的傻孩子》攻贺岁档,对于票房目标他坦言“交给市场来决定吧!”从首部电影就设定冲出海外的目标,记者会上他表示新作将陆续在香港和台湾上映,让他终于圆梦。

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Theresa May, Make or Break for Brexit?

Is her stance really strong enough

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马来西亚第14届全国大选「First To Deliver」特备节目


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美国传记歌舞剧《大娱乐家》(The Greatest Showman)取材自真人真事,由鬼才导演麦可格雷希指导,以19世纪美国马戏团创始人巴纳姆的传奇一生为背景,而戏中人物,绝大部分都有根据。

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