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Fans Hysterically React To Harry Styles Turning Down The Role Of Prince Eric In Little Mermaid


When the rumours of Harry Styles taking the lead role of Prince Eric in Little Mermaid, he broke the internet  and people on Twitter were absolutely delighted, not delighted more like obsessively HAPPY.

Now, we feel really bad for dropping this news to you because apparently, Harry Styles turns down the role of Prince Erice. Not kidding, guys. It’s like serious. SERIOUS. 

According to Variety, Harry Styles passed on the role because his casting were somehow “premature”. 


We also learned that the famous singer “respectfully declined” the role of Prince Eric, I mean we already can imagine him and Halle Bailey together, being perfect and all but well..that’s just not gonna happen anytime soon. And we are pretty S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Previously fans were REJOICE when Harry is said  to take the lead role and they even went to the extent of making all these funny memes. Just take a look at THIS.

And as always, Twitter are not taking the news very well because we see so many heartbroken news all over the Twitter. Just look at these dissapointments and tears of heartbroken pieces..

And we feel the same, guys.

But, tbe sweet  Halle Bailey will  play the role of Ariel and Melissa McCarthy is still playing the role of Ursula so I guess, it isn’t so bad but well it’s also time for Ariel to move on and find a new Prince Eric!

Who do you think should play Prince Eric?


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