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Did you know that there will actually be a Pokémon movie? Well, here are all our childhood dreams come true!

Thanks to the upcoming 20th birthday of the awesome cartoon series that we used to watch as kids, we Malaysians will be spoiled with a whole movie based on the pocket monster show.

Primeworks Studios and Animonsta Studios have worked closely to produce this epic animated film, and ultimately reviving the Pokémon frenzy too.

Primeworks Studios is none other than Malaysia’s own award-winning content creation subsidiary of Media Prima. They are also one of Asia’s LARGEST production companies where they’ve come up with over 5,000 hours of awesome content on a yearly basis.

As for Animonsta Studios, aka Monsta, they are an animation content developer from Malaysia who aims to create fresh and high-quality productions for the whole world.

If you didn’t know, the people at Monsta are the geniuses behind every Malaysians’ favourite BoiBoiBoy! Wah, I really never knew that!

By the way, if you think only Malaysians enjoy this locally made cartoon, then be prepared to be wowed because even South Koreans also frigging love it.

In early 2017, BoiBoiBoy: The Movie was shown in nearly 100 cinemas across the southern peninsula of Korea. And to think that only we like their stuff, turns out they enjoy ours too.

Well, Animonsta Studios is currently the master licensee for Pokémon in Malaysia, which is why we are so lucky to see a Pokémon movie being produced by our local talents.

Long-time Pokémon fans, especially the #90sKids, will no doubt be riding the waves of nostalgia because this movie will concentrate on Ash and Pikachu’s very first meeting, as well as how their relationship developed throughout their adventures.

We will definitely see some familiar faces plus fresh ones in this movie. Rumour has it that there will be new Trainers, Verity and Sorrel, and also a new mythical Pokémon named Mashadow.

Alright, that’s enough spoilers for one article. Now get your butt over to the cinema on December 7, 2017 onwards and indulge yourself in an awesome trip through nostalgic wonderland.

Prepare some tissues too because you might just be crying through some of the heartwarming and tear-jerking scenes.

Check out Grand Brilliance or Pokémon Malaysia‘s Facebook pages for more info!

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