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School Break! Get Ready For Ejen Ali x Carrie Bacbuster Roadshow At Mydin Mall Parit Buntar Perak This Weekend

Gear up guys because Ejen Ali is coming to Perak this weekend!

After receiving hype for  Ejen Ali Back To School x Carrie Bacbuster in Seremban, Ejen Ali Back To School x Carrie Bacbuster is now back on the road and this time, Ejen Ali will be making its second pit stop at Mydin Mall, Parit Buntar Perak. 

Join in Ejen Ali’s fun activities from 20-22 December, Friday till Sunday starting on 11: 00 A.M till 9:3o p.m.

Check out some of the best fun filled family activities to rock your weekend at Ejen Ali x Carrie Bacbuster road show!

Ejen Ali x Carrie Bacbuster roadshow is filled with some of the best fun activities such as coloring  contest for kids, fashion show, slime-making, happy hour with Carrie Bacbuster,  SNAP & WIN contest and special mascot appearance from our famous agents, Ejen Ali and Ejen Alicia. Join in the fun to win some of the best limited-edition prizes like the exclusive Ejen Ali merchandise and a special voucher from Mydin Mall, worth RM 100.

Carrie Bacbuster in partnership with Primeworks Studios also offer you the best deals. For every RM 15 purchase you make, you’ll get to receive a special body wash Carrie Backbuster, and if you make a purchase as low as RM 30 you’ll get to receive a limited edition Ejen Ali drawstring bag.

Ejen Ali’s Favourite Nasi Lemak Is Now Available At Mydin Mall

Get your hands on Ejen Ali’s favourite Nasi Lemak Tempoyak Udang, this favourite signature local dish is a limited edition menu, grab this at you can get this  at RM 3.99 only.

See you there!

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