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[#WinWithXtra] Win Tickets to Lee Kwang Soo’s Latest Movie The Accidental Detective 2

Lee Kwang Soo is back with a new movie and this time he joins famed actors Kwon Sang Woo and Sung Dong Il in the second installation of The Accidental Detective.

The Accidental Detective: In Action was released in South Korea last month and has already earned approximately USD22 million in box office.

The comedy movie talks about a bookstore owner who finally decided to sell his shop and Kang Dae Mun, played by Kwon Sang Woo, turns the space into his own spying headquarters.

Meanwhile, Noh Tae Soo, played by Sung Dong Il, is an ex-veteran cop who decided to work together with Dae Mun on a series of freakish deaths which they suspect to be murder cases.

This secret alliance brings Yeochi, played by Lee Kwang Soo, into the mix. Yeochi is an investigator and a brilliant cyber specialist.

Check out the trailer here:

On July 12th, 2018, Malaysians will be in for a treat as the movie hits local cinemas. Best of all, xtra readers get to win a total of 40 tickets to the premier of  by simply answering a few questions!

Psst, the premier is two days before the movie officially hits cinemas.

The Accidental Detective: In Action premier details as per below:

Date : July 10th, 2018
Venue : TGV Sunway Pyramid
Premier Time : 9PM
Ticket Collection Time : 8.15PM – 8.45PM only

There will be 20 winners and each person will receive two (2) tickets. The contest ends on July 6th, 2018 so you better click into the picture below quick:

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Warning: Please spare yourself and the person sitting next to you some tissues because we’re telling you waterworks towards the end of the movie is INEVITABLE. 

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改编自萧鼎大热同名小说《诛仙》 还原粉丝想象,肖战初战大电影幕!

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How will things turn out for Ustaz Adam and Nur this time?

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#xtraGiveaway: Gaining Inspiration from Amazing Women Around Asia

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《Ejen Ali: The Movie》来势汹汹!上映3天票房收640万

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Ladies’ Night isn’t all about partying in the club or shopping at the mall only. It’s basically a get-together for all the girls to enjoy an evening together. It doesn’t matter what the activities include, but as long as it’s with the girls.

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Bigger, Bolder, Stronger! BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Hits the Screens with More Drama and Actions!

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