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Aeril Zafrel Claimed To Allegedly Wanting Another Child But His Respond To It Is Pure Comedy!

It is undeniable that the actor cum model is more than just looks!

If you’ve been following Aeril Zafrel on Twitter, you know that the husband to Wawa Zainal whom was once called as a “Malaysian vampire”—owing to his sharp and ever-alluring looks, is known for his comedic remarks and cheeky personality on Twitter.

▲ The picture that got people saying the whole family is “Malaysia vampire”.

No matter how serious or mundane the issue was, Aeril would always find a way to address it in a very light and sassy manner. His comedic image on Twitter started to receive people’s attention when he initially addressed how silly the brawl was between ‘ravers’ and ‘hipsters’ in Malaysia.

Starting that day, the legacy of him being one of the funniest celebrities has begun!

Recently, there was a piece of article posted on Twitter, with its headline translated as “Still Having Her Abstinence, Aeril Zafrel Asks To Add Another Child.” In the article, it talks on how Wawa Zainal—the wife mentioned in her Instagram post saying that the husband plans on having another son to complete two sets of pair.

But Aeril would never let this golden opportunity go to waste. He then quote retweet the tweet by saying “Then should I ask to add another wife? hmm.”

His reply instantly got people laughing as not only he savagely responds to the allegations but also ridicule the recent news about a certain ‘pious personnel’ tying the knot with another bride whilst the first spouse was still in her abstinence.

Fans are immediately amused by his remark saying he is indeed hysterically savage in handling the situation.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted joke, follow Aeril Zafrel on Twitter because literally almost all of his Tweets are pure comedy!

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