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Bruno Mars Throws Towel at Disrespectful Lady During Concert in Japan

There are all kinds of concert-goers that exist. Some of them are amazing people who pay their fullest attention to the artists while there are some truly horrid audiences as well.

Recently, Bruno Mars performed in Japan for his 24k Diamond tour. He sang in the Saitama Super Arena which was filled to the brim with fans.

However, one particular audience truly got in his nerves to the point where he even threw the towel at her in anger!

The lady was seated in the VIP section right in front of the stage so Bruno had a very clear view of her, according to Koreaboo.

Apparently, the person is an actress and model named Nozaki Moeka and the reason why Bruno was pissed off at her was because she wouldn’t stop taking selfies and videos with her friend.

Image via YouTube

Bruno is one of the few artists who constantly tell his fans to put their phones down and enjoy the live show. He has made such announcements in various concerts before and this time was no exception either.

Bruno told her to stop using her phone throughout the concert in English. He even tried using body language to get her to put her device down.

Unfortunately, it seems like either Nozaki didn’t understand what the singer was saying or she blatantly ignored him.

Image via YouTube

Regardless, it definitely pissed him off enough for him to throw a black towel at her.

To add insult to injury, the actress actually thought that Bruno gave her the towel as a gift! *Facepalm*

Obviously, no one was having it because everyone could tell what Bruno was trying to do. So, they bombarded her Instagram with some pretty harsh comments.

Image via Youtube

One of the netizens wrote,

 “How many tens of thousands of genuine Bruno Mars fans do you think there are behind you? What are you doing while we’re showing our joy and gratitude?

“You’re in the very front row. You’re in his line of sight.

“Because of your actions the country’s image takes a dive. More than anything, Mars himself had been telling you to stop.”

Image via Twitter

A couple of other netizens said,

“They thought the towel that Bruno threw at them was a gift and even felt ‘honoured’ to receive it? Proof that their brains are empty…”

“Bruno Mars is well-known for his good manners, though. Just imagine how upset and annoyed he was. I’ve watched the video and I can totally understand why he felt so.”

Check out the whole ordeal here:


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