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BTS’ J-Hope Finally Drops The Date of His New Mixtape

BTS’s third rapper and lead dancer, Jung HoSeok, also known as J-Hope, has finally confirmed the date of his much awaited mixtape.

According to The Korea Herald, BTS’s agency, BigHit Entertainment announced that the date of release is March 2nd, 2018!

J-Hope’s mixtape is coming in fast! OMG! 

According to Koreaboo, the mixtape is dubbed the “Hixtape” (Hoseok+Mixtape) by fans as many of them have eagerly anticipated its release ever since he announced that he will be releasing a mixtape back in 2017.

This is also J-Hope’s first solo album ever.

Image via Soompi

Before the confirmation, J-Hope released multiple teasers and behind-the-scene videos of him working on his mixtape on BTS’s offcial Twitter account. Hence, fans were constantly tormented in waiting for the mixtape to drop.

A few days ago, J-Hope also shared a video of him finishing up the final touches on his masterpiece. Within 16 hours of the video being posted online, it garnered over 2.6 Million views! 

Besides, BigHit Entertainment also revealed the style of the mixtape by saying:

“J-Hope will release his first mixtape, which shows off his own colors, on March 2.”

The rapper’s mixtape will be the first ever musical release by BTS in 2018 as the group has not made any comeback yet. However, the official name of the mixtape has yet to be announced by both BigHit Entertainment or J-Hope. 

Image via Fanpop

The rapper’s bandmates, Rap Monster and Suga had previously released their own solo mixtapes in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Thus, as the third member to release one, other members have given full encouragement towards him.

The one who is most supportive is Rap Monster who had released his own mixtape with the title ‘eponymous’ in 2015. He said:

“J-Hope is working on his mixtape. I think that’s next for us. I’ve listened to a couple of songs and I really liked it.”

Image via Google Plus

After a successful year in 2017, BTS continues to make a major impact in North America. Recently, BTS was featured in Billboard’s magazine as cover models and had promptly sold out a special collector’s boxed edition.

Hence, this KPOP group will definitely attract more fans from all over the world with their meaningful songs and fascinating performances! 

Image via Billboard

To all ARMYs around the world, remember to set reminder on your calendar to catch J-Hope’s mixtape (or should I say ‘Hixtape’) on March 2nd. 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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