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BTS’ Unprecedented ARMYPEDIA Hunt Gets a Spotify Twist

The last leg of BTS’ ARMYPEDIA campaign is about to get more exciting as Spotify just announced it’s jumping into the ring.

Teaming up with the world’s biggest K-Pop group, Spotify is joining in on this massive fan hunt for ARMYPEDIA puzzle pieces but with a unique Spotify twist.

From 19 March to 24 March, Spotify invites fans from all around the world to take part in a collective effort to hunt down special edition Spotify x BTS puzzle pieces.

Global ARMY fans can find puzzle pieces scattered across Spotify, our social platforms and even on-ground. To solve all 19 pieces and complete ARMYPEDIA, ARMY fans must unite.

Wondering where to start? Here’s the first puzzle piece!

If you have not heard of the ARMYPEDIA campaign, it is a scavenger hunt on a monumental scale, where thousands of puzzle pieces are hidden across the world for BTS fans – also known as the ARMY – to uncover and eventually piece together a massive archive of BTS’ fondest memories for every single day of their history with the ARMY.

That is 2,080 days, and 2,080 puzzle pieces in the form of QR codes hidden all over the world.

Upon locating the puzzle pieces and scanning its elusive QR codes, fans will then be led to a quiz question, which they have to answer in order to upload a piece of memory on ARMYPEDIA.

In this special edition of ARMYPEDIA, the quiz would consist mainly of Spotify-related BTS questions so look out for streams, playlists, global charts and most importantly, BTS’ music on Spotify for hints.

Chee Meng, Tan, Head of Artist & Label Marketing, Asia, Spotify, said,

“Spotify is proud to partner BTS and unite ARMY fans around the world on this special journey together.

“We are constantly on the lookout for fresh and engaging ways to connect fans with their favourite artists.”

Check out the BTS ARMYPEDIA tutorial for more details on how to look for QR Codes, how to solve the puzzles and upload memories.

For more BTS and K-Pop treats, be sure to follow @SpotifyKDaebak, Spotify’s dedicated K-Pop channel on Twitter.

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