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Can You Believe It? Dato’s Aliff Syukri Is FA Penang’s New Goalkeeper?

This blew our mind, not literally!

Can you believe that the founder of the infamous local cosmetic brand that is arguably quite controversial yet very successful—Terlajak Laris—is now pursuing to another career aside from being a businessman? Yes, we couldn’t believe it either! But when FA Penang posted this picture on its official Instagram page two days back, we took multiple glances to see whether if it really is the one and only Dato’ Aliff Syukri, the Badang superhero?

image taken from: Instagram

And then we stole some of our time to read the caption but nothing mentioned about Dato’ Aliff Syukri making a special cameo as the goalkeeper of FA Penang. So we got clueless! Has this been going on for eons already or are we missing the train? Then we went to the incredible world of social media and finally we’ve found the answer! 

It was when someone pointed out the same thing on his own tweet that translated as “Aliff Syukri’s becoming a [goal]keeper Penang now”


The tweet immediately got thousands of likes and retweets whilst some users also pointed out the uncanny resemblance! But it doesn’t take long when the owner of the picture himself—not the businessman—quote retweeted the tweet and comically replied with “Could of atleast tagged me”.

Apparently, the FA Penang’s goalkeeper is not actually the bright and lively social media star we’ve been thinking about. In fact, he was a English-Malaysian athlete with the name Samuel Jacob Somerville!

image taken from: Instagram

If you look into his Instagram pictures, at a certain angle—especially on his side profile—he does has an uncanny resemblance to Dato’ Aliff Syukri, but from in front he definitely has his own look! If you don’t believe us, try look at these pictures and judge yourself which one is the real Dato’ Aliff Syukri and which one is Samuel Jacob Somervillle.

image taken from: Instagram

image taken from: Instagram

image taken from: Instagram

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