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Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Haven’t Done Fan Meetings Because of Her Manager

Girls’ Generation is legendary. Each and every one of their members (and former members) have truly made a mark in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Most of the members are venturing into their own interests now. Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Tiffany are venturing into their solo music careers, Sooyoung and Yoona are making headlines in acting and Sunny has been active in variety shows.

Meanwhile, Yuri is an all-rounder as compared to her fellow members. She dabbled in acting but still released a new song recently.

It is safe to say, fans are still crazy for her. But her manager doesn’t think so!

Recently on Vlive, the beautiful lady was interacting with fans when one of them asked if she will be holding a fan meeting anytime soon, Koreaboo wrote.

Yuri replied,

“You are asking about a fan meeting. My members, Yoona and Sooyoung, had them. I think Seohyun had them. And Taeyeon had concerts.

“I think there are many fans who are waiting for my fan meeting.

“They said you can’t just do a fan meeting at anytime. Less fans could come. And so, my manager said it might be disappointing.

“So, I couldn’t say I would do one right away.”

Obviously, people were pissed off because it seemed like the manager was underestimating Yuri’s popularity.

Netizens started writing harsh words about the man:

“Yuri’s manager is the real disappointment.”

“Yuri’s MANAGER telling her she wouldn’t have a successful fan-meeting?! The f*ck?!”

But Yuri also didn’t want people to get too angry. She quickly covered up by saying,

“But I know that there are many fans that are waiting for me, my manager might not know but I believe he will realise it slowly.”


Is sure sucks that an internal party is the one having little faith in their own talents. We hope that with this heated reaction from fans, the label will realise that Yuri deserves to have fan meeting events too.


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