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Here’s the 10 Most Played BTS Songs on Spotify

BTS has many amazing songs out by now. With 6 studio albums, 2 single albums and 5 extended plays (EP), the band has got hundreds of songs available for fans to delve into.

However, with so many awesome tracks available, which are the top songs by far? Well, here are the 10 most played songs in Spotify*:

10. Save ME – 60,389,832

From their album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, the song talks about needing help from someone who’s better than us.

Perhaps the message resonates strongly with us during our down times or it could be the smooth dance beats that has got listeners hooked.


9. Go Go – 66,280,983

This song from LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ definitely has got people dancing and dreaming about that luxury life. The song speaks about spoiling ourselves after we’ve worked hard to earn it.

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8. Not Today – 72,205,900

What better anthem could we use than BTS’ Not Today as a fighting song? The lyrics encourages listeners that giving up is not an option today.

Plus, the catchy beat definitely makes anyone wanna just get up and dance.


7. I NEED U – 75,246,795

This song is the perfect one to sing along with during heartbreak thanks to its completely relatable feelings. Plus, screaming ‘I need you’ seems pretty appropriate during one of those emotional episodes.


6. Spring Day – 79,291,646

Similarly to I NEED U, the song talks about the cold feeling after a breakup but Spring Day has a bit more of an optimistic feel as it also tells of how winter will change into spring.


5. DOPE – 80,974,373

Yet another dance-inducing song to add to the list – this track not only makes people wanna move but is also a good reply to all the haters.

The lyrics talk about grinding at work everyday while the haters waste their life ‘having fun’. But because we keep putting so much effort into our work, we end up becoming amazingly successful while the haters remain in the same place.

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4. FAKE LOVE – 99,770,438

The latest album, LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, from BTS is definitely rising up the ranks. In a little over a month since its release on Spotify, the title track FAKE LOVE has almost reached a hundred million plays.

Undeniably, the catchy beat has got people dancing to it but the lyrics also hit so close to home. The title kinda explains it all, the song is about a fake love.

When we’re so engrossed in keeping our partner happy that we end up doing things which aren’t from our hearts, it ends up turning into play pretend only.



3. MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] – 112,293,164

This is probably the most English any of BTS’ songs has had in a single track. With 90% English lyrics, it’s easier for the non-Koreans to sing along which is probably why it is so loved.

Though the Korean version of MIC Drop has got more than 50 million plays too, this particular song is much loved by everyone.


2. Blood Sweat & Tears – 122,551,962

Sexy is the perfect definition of this song. With lyrics like “Hurry and choke me” and “I don’t care if it hurts, tie me up”, who can deny whatever the boys want right?

Regardless, it is such an easy song to sing along to and the catchy tune totally helps.


1. DNA – 133,832,783

Relationship compatibility tests are usually based on personality, horoscope and zodiac. However, there’s a more scientific approach to it which is by studying the couple’s DNA.

And the song DNA is basically talking about how ‘we’ve found our destiny’ because ‘from the start, my DNA wants you’.


Have you added these 10 songs into your playlists yet? If you haven’t, then you should do it ASAP! Also, are there any songs which you’re disappointed to not find in the list?

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