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According to Allkpop, Highlight member, KiKwang spilt details during the MBC variety show, ‘Radio Star’, where he joined as a guest.

During the show, the hosts asked him if his team prepared anything for Highlight’s 10th anniversary.

He explained that the members were thinking of joining the army at the same time by saying:

“It’ll be our 10th-anniversary soon. In celebration of our 10th-anniversary, the members are thinking about enlisting together.” 

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Then, the hosts continued to ask him whether it is possible for all members to enlist into the military together. Kikwang explained that the members hope that they could join at the same time and it’s totally fine if they aren’t put in the same camp.

“Even if we get based in different locations, we want to match the timing. It’s not all confirmed yet but we’re thinking about it. There are no sunbaenims (seniors) who’ve done it this way.”

Image via Allkpop

Furthermore, the hosts suggested that when they get discharged at the same time, they can promote together immediately as 5 members, to which Kikwang said:

“We said it as a joke, but… Also, I wonder if it could be like a gift to the fans. I’m not sure about that, but we’re thinking about it.”

Host Cha TaeHyun added that members might have a hard time convincing the maknae (youngest person) of Highlight, Son DongWoon, to enlist into the army at the same time because he is younger than everyone else.

He is born in 1991 while the other members are born in 1989 and 1990. Though the difference isn’t big, he still has ‘time’ left before he needs to enlist into the army.

In South Korea, every man must be drafted before the age of 35. However, they have the choice of postponing enlistment under reasons such as pursuing further education.

Another host of Radio Star, Kim GuRa, also mentioned that DongWoon is very interested to be a regular host on the show.

Nevertheless, DongWoon also said if he really did become one of the regular hosts on the show, he will enlist later, but if he cannot make it as a regular host, he will enlist into the army.

Although Highlight’s fans will be sad if they really do enlist into the military together, let’s look at the bright side –  they can be discharged together and we can see a more mature and manlier Highlight promoting on stage together! 

Let’s us all keep calm and wait for the confirmation from Highlight’s agency. 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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