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Hong Kong Singer Joyce Loo Found Dead Outside Residence

Singer Ellen Joyce Loo was found dead outside her residence in Happy Valley here on Sunday. She was 32.

Police received a report of a person falling from a building on Sing Woo Road at about 9.50am, and a police source confirmed it was Loo.

The star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013.

Initial investigations revealed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

In her last public post on her Facebook page last Thursday, alongside a selfie, Loo wrote: “I am going to do something great today – it is one of the decisions I made for myself since I turned 30. I finally understand why people like to take selfies of themselves as you really want to take a picture of yourself when you have a high morale.”

Born in Toronto, Canada, in 1986, Loo moved to Hong Kong when she was 4 and had her music talent spotted by industry veteran Anthony Wong Yiu-ming when she was 15.

He signed Loo and Eman Lee Yee-man to a contract, and the pair later formed the band at17 in 2001.

In the following years, their energetic and youthful tunes featured on albums such as Meow Meow Meow and Kiss Kiss Kiss, which became sources of inspiration for many post-1980s fans.

After the pair split in 2010, Loo decided to pursue a solo career in Taiwan, where she switched form singing in Cantonese to Mandarin.

Loo shocked the music world last year when she came out as a lesbian, thanking her wife, cinematographer Fisher Yu Jing-ping, during her acceptance speech when collecting an award at the 28th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

“There is a person that I have to thank today. Without her, I would not have written my first Mandarin song seven years ago; without her, I would not have developed my career in Taiwan. I have to thank my wife,” Loo said.

“My wife and I had tied the knot abroad last year … I know the world is imperfect. So is my music and myself. But having you, who would still need perfection?”

Source: NST

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