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“I Just Want To Sing”- Dayang Nurfaizah Celebrates Her 20 Year As A Singer, Exclusive On E! News

She’s indeed a living legend!

From gracing us with her beautiful unique voice to literally win every prestige award show. Dayang Nurfaizah show us that there’s nothing that she really can’t do.

Dayang Nurfaizah is a class of her own, her music contribution and recognition in media industry sets her apart from other singer. 


For her 2oth year celebration as an artist in this music industry, Dayang reminiscent about the past two decades and indulge us with her  formula to remain timeless in this era. 

 In this exclusive one on one interview Dayang revealed to us what has she learned from her two decades singing career, well you’ll be surprised with her answer. Here’s what she said,

“Life itself taught me a lot as a singer, there are things that I can openly shared and discussed with my fans and there are things that I couldn’t, so it really taught me a lot throughout my career journey “

We STAN a classy and humble lady..

And like a true legend she is, she also shares her most iconic moment in her singing career. 

” I returned to AJL after 10 years and  I could still remember how nervous I was but all I could think was..well, I just want to sing”

Oh boy, and she did. Dayang’s song Di Pintu Syurga earned her the best vocal that night. After all, she just wants to sing guysss…

And if there’s one thing she can change about herself from the past, Dayang said she would like to be more friendly and less shy-shy cat. Aww, maybe she’s just an introvert but still QUEEN remains QUEEEN. 

Click on the video below to catch more of this exclusive interview

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