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Cha Eunwoo Dazzled Malaysian Fans With Heart-Warming Malay Song Cover

The man with the perfect face has finally arrived in Malaysia and we couldn’t contain our excitement!

He has traveled all the way, across the globe from Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok and Manila. When he landed in Malaysia to host his first debut fan meeting , he graced us with his beauty and perfect manners. Naturally, his fan girls were rejoiced to get a glimpse of the perfect man himself, they were even more excited to have been granted a chance to meet their favourite K-pop idol, in a flesh.

And it was none other than “the man with the perfect face”, Cha Eunwoo.


It was rather obvious that Cha Eunwoo know the way to his fan’s hearts especially when he sung Sampai Ke Hari Tua, originally sing by Malaysia homegrown artist, Aizat Amdan.


The moment Cha Eunwoo stepped on the stage his fans went wild, Eunwoo was asked about his feelings being in Malaysia, he responded that he felt quite lonely without his members but he was excited when he saw how supportive and welcoming the fans were.


It was the time for real fun, the first segment was “Challenge:Cha!pago”, a survival game that got fans went nuts. Then, it was second turn of a quick round Q&A, in this session, fans get to win a special polaroids of Cha Eunwoo, the third round of game called “Mission:Cha! possible”, where Cha Eunwoo had to show his athletic skill in the archery game, initially he had 10 chances to shoot on the yellow circle but he failed and he got punished by his fans to do random dance with rabbit ears and gloves, much to his fans amusement.

Source: MacPiePro

The last game show was called “Made By Cha Eunwoo”, in this last round, Eunwoo showed his hidden talent of making a buchae (Korean traditional fan), lucky winners were gifted with these special buchae.

The most anticipated part was when the segment “C.M.I” which stands for “Cha Eunwoo Much Information. It revealed Cha Eunwoo real personality behind the scenes, turning the whole hall into a giggle of adoration and excitement.


Cha Eun Woo gifted his fans with You and Me song to end the fan meeting and their hearts were filled with so much love and joy. It was quite a wonderful evening for the 1,900 fans to be remembered. 

The fan meeting were organized by MacPiePro and Fantagio Music.


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