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Watch Kavin Jay Perform Live at Your Nearest Cinema This August

When one thinks of comedy shows, we would imagine either at a comedy club or stadium, right? But this time, Kavin Jay is spinning things up by bringing comedy shows to a whole new level by performing it live in TGV cinemas.

Some of you may know Kavin better as Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian or ‘that Malaysian comic who has got a special on Netflix but he’s not Harith Iskander’.

Indeed, Kavin’s ‘Everybody Calm Down!’ makes him the second Malaysian and also the third Southeast Asian stand-up comedian to have a Netflix special.

Kavin explained that after his special went online, American organisers wanted Kavin to tour the USA!

However, the comic felt that it was wrong to go elsewhere before even touring our very own country.

“They offered me to tour around the United States of America! But I thought…how can I tour America when I haven’t even toured Malaysia?

“I have not done a solo tour before, and I think it is high time I did. I love performing for Malaysians and if they can’t come to me, I’ll go to them.

“It is always so much fun to make my fellow Malaysians laugh, and especially after all that we have been through these past few weeks, I think a little entertainment is in order!”

Hence, Kavin Jay’s ANGER MANAGEMENT tour.

This August, the grumpy man himself will be going to 8 different cities across the country where 7 of the venues will be right inside TGV Cinemas.

For one full hour, the audience gets to see Kavin in-the-flesh spreading all-new knee-slapping, stomach-cramping, laughter-inducing jokes with everyone.

With Papi Zak as host and up-and-coming comedian Brian Tan as the opening act, the audiences are definitely in for a great treat.

Here’s the tour schedule and locations:

Date Venue Location
3rd August TGV Cinemas One Utama Petaling Jaya
4th August TGV Cinemas KLCC Kuala Lumpur
5th August TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid Subang Jaya
8th August TGV Cinemas Vivacity Kuching
10th August TGV Cinemas Miri Miri
11th August Rusty Blade Bar + Poolside Cafe Labuan
15th August TGV Cinemas Kinta City Ipoh
16th August TGV Cinemas Gurney Paragon Penang
18th August TGV Cinemas Bukit Indah Johor

All shows start at 9.30pm.

Early bird tickets range from RM78 to RM98 and normal prices range from RM88 to RM108. Tickets at TGV Cinemas are now available on TGV’s website.

The show will be available in each location’s biggest hall which allows more than 180 people to flood the locations.

P.S, Kavin has promised to add different jokes across the various locations too. Which means you can go to these different places and be entertained with NEW stuff too!

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