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Ever since Chester Bennington’s death in July, 2017 and then Kim Jonghyun’s own suicide last month, the world has been truly devastated and more aware of the effects of depression.

Depression has lead to many horrifying consequences such as skipping meals, not attending work or school, self-harming and even killing oneself.

Well, most people have gotten the memo that depression and suicide isn’t something to joke about. Heck, even Logan Paul himself said so in his video, and yet, he still laughed at the deceased anyways!

Source: Daily Star

Talk about being hypocritical.

Logan and his friends were in the Aokigahara Forest (a.k.a the Suicide Forest) in Japan when they stumbled upon the hanging body. Many people tend to go into this particular forest to contemplate suicide and if they made up their mind, they would hang themselves there and then.

Though the jungle itself is hauntingly beautiful, it is a very despairing place to visit. As Logan set out into the forest, they stumbled across the dead body and he was actually excited to spot one.

Source: CNN

He said things such as,

“Did we just find a dead person in the suicide forest hanging?”

“Yo, are you alive? Are you f**king with us?”

He also laughed A LOT.

When one of his friends said that he wasn’t feeling too well, he retaliated,

“What? You’ve never stood next to a dead guy?”

Then he proceeded to fall into a fit of laughter.

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Understandably, the internet got terribly upset over this insensitive video. However, Hollywood celebrities rarely became so vocally upset about another celebrity’s work before.

Not only is Logan facing massive backlash from common people, but stars like Aaron Paul (who isn’t related to him), Phillip Defranco, Anna Akana, Demetrius Harmon, Netnobody, and more have commented on this case.

Aaron was one of the first few to respond, he said,

Meanwhile, Anna Akana opened up about her own sister’s suicide.

Logan has since deleted the video and uploaded an apology one in return. He explains that he wasn’t laughing at the deceased but it was just his coping mechanism.

However, people aren’t buying it as they believe that had he any respect for the dead person and his family members at all, he wouldn’t have even uploaded the video in the first place. #word

Watch his apology video here:

Though some people actually think that the people who killed themselves aren’t worthy of going into heaven, they are still people who deserves respect.

Regardless of what our beliefs may be, we should never make fun of the dead like how Logan did, even if laughing was just a coping mechanism.

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